“THE APPEARANCE OF THE MAHDI AND THE DAJJAL. Near to the Last Day A MUSLIM COMMANDER REFERRED TO AS THE MAHDI WILL APPEAR; and he will refresh the faith of Muslims and replace the widespread oppression and wrongfulness in the world with truth and justice. As many hadith and religious books openly state, in the wake of the emergence of the Mahdi, a leader known as the Dajjal will appear with seventy-one warriors under his command, set in motion in order to put a halt to Islamic activity, and he will fight against the Muslims, and although he may be victorious at first, he will eventually be defeated.

IN THE SAME WAY THAT THE PROPHET ‘ISA (AS) ASCENDED TO THE HEAVENS AT ALLAH’S COMMAND, HE WILL ALSO RETURN TO EARTH AT ALLAH’S COMMAND AND WILL ENFORCE ISLAMIC JUSTICE. People whose faith is weak may not regard this as possible. But it is an easy matter after recognizing the might of Allah.” (The Great Book of Scholarship of Shafi’i, Halil Günenç, expanded 2nd edition, p. 23)